Our software development process (SDP) is based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP). It is iterative and incremental which helps address project risks early on in the project. We insure analysis and design are well communicated to all stakeholders, including documenting use cases, design, run-time behavior, implementation, and deployment.

The core phases are: Analysis, Planning, Development, Testing and deployment


This phase is considered as the base of any successful project; this phase outcomes represent what type of project will be developed and what are the main requirements and restrains related to project development process, so before selecting a software development method, some understanding of what type of software is to be developed is appropriate, and this question has been answered through:


In the Planning phase, we build our working plans, timelines, set our deadlines and milestones and create our roughly cost schedules


According to the agreed on plan and professional analysis, the development starts to take place to meet the requirements.


In this stage, we apply all testing standards and types to ensure that our system is free of bug and running smoothly as it should. Testing takes places on the interface, business, functions, database in addition in one of the client's side. We will give a free licensee for one year to make sure that product meet the client's expectation (User acceptance test).

We apply the following testing:

Deployment and Support

In this phase we start the implementation stage by deploying the solution, training client's employees on using it, offering clients user manuals and on-line help files. Besides, the support is available for all clients.